The Beginning

Hi blog. It’s me, Lynn.

I’m going to start my first post by explaining what it is I’m doing up in here (stating my intentions, if you will). I decided to name my blog Style Alter, which means many different things to me.

1. Altering My Style
I’m on a mission to improve my wardrobe, dress in a way that more closely emulates my personal tastes and work on my beauty routine. As a writer, I’ve done quite a bit of research and reporting on fashion and beauty topics. It’s time to put that knowledge to use.

2. Style Alterations
I’m giving myself a personal fashion challenge to really explore all that my closet has to offer. I’ve found that wearing pieces in new, different, unexpected ways really breathes life into a well-worn wardrobe. I’ll take photos of the new ways I’ve found to alter my old clothes and share them on this blog.

3. Style Altar
Fashion worship. Love me some word play! I’ll also be blogging about things in the fashion and beauty industry that inspire me. (Read: So expensive, I look. No touchy).

4. Alternative Style
I have a great deal of respect for people who pursue their passions and use whatever means they have to create what they love. I hope to do it myself, one day. So as an alternative to all the promotion the big companies always get, I want to feature the lil guys in a Besty of Etsy category. I find the cutest stuff on Etsy and elsewhere, and I just wanted a place to share it! (Special shout out to the Transformers for this idea.)

Here goes nothing!


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