Fashion Show at Lunch

As I stated in my first post, part of my reason for starting this blog was to challenge myself to really explore all that my closet has to offer and wear my pieces in new, unexpected ways (rather than buying new things just because I’m bored with what I’ve got.)

To do this, I’m going to attempt a series where I style one piece in three different ways. This is based on the Rule of Three, which I picked up from Oprah’s stylist while producing some online fashion videos with her. The rule is simple and has stuck with me: Never buy something unless you can think of at least three different ways to wear it.

So I’m starting with a basic plaid flannel shirt I’ve had for two years made by RVCA, a Christmas gift from my sister. Here it is, three ways:

A sequin top can be a little flashy for my typical Chicago nightlife scene, which is more of the red solo cup variety than the red wine glasses kind. But sometimes, a girl’s just gotta wear sequins and this is a fun way to dress them down.

Sequin top by The Addison Story at Nordstrom, skinny jeans by Mossimo at Target, boots by Frye, bracelet by Ann Taylor, ring by Noir.

This look says: I’m so rich, I can even make plaid look sophisticated. Tuck in any shirt, add a chunky glam necklace, open up the collar and BAM. J.Crew-ed.

Necklace from Ann Taylor, ring from local jewelry shop Glam to Go, jeans by Kasil from Camden Boutique.

This is my attempt at transitioning a summer dress into fall/winter. I like the idea of layering a shirt over a dress as opposed to the same cardigan over and over. I lived in this dress this past summer. I bought it at my friend Dee’s store, Camden Boutique, in downtown Elmhurst. A large (and growing) percentage of my wardrobe is from this store because Dee has great style and picks out amazing things!

Dress by Bella Dahl from Camden Boutique. That belt is so old I can’t remember where I got it. I buy belts whenever/wherever I see them on sale. You can never have enough.

Please note the THREE kinda different poses I managed to come up with here, which did not come naturally. Thanks to Todd for taking these pictures!

Sidenote, I hope someone is really looking at his blog during their lunch break at work. Fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at lunch!


24 thoughts on “Fashion Show at Lunch

  1. i love this post and the ways you change the outfit with only afew key features 🙂 i too have just started my blog please take a look and comment
    😀 xxx

  2. Um, WHAT???? There is so much goodness here. First, the only way I would know to wear this shirt is buttoned, untucked. The typical way, which you don’t even use here because it is so boring. So this has four options! I would never think to wear that shirt open. You are opening my eyes, Ms. Lynne. Second, I love the rule of three. I’ve never heard it before (which I guess is a bad admission that I never watched those videos). I love rules! Nerdy, but true. They help me know what to do. Third, I love the layout of this post. Thanks for posting all three pics side by side at the end. So helpful that I didn’t need to scroll again to re-assess.

    • That’s the thing – I always wore mine buttoned, untucked. If I wear something the same way too many times though, I stop liking it. Like eating an Arista salad every day until I never want to eat one again for the rest of my life!

  3. I really like the plaid/sparkle top combo. Never would have thought of it, but it has a very – I’m going out and I’m so cute, but I still like to booze while staying warm – feel to it. I love fashion show fashion show fashion show at lunch! Back when The Office was funny and Pam wasn’t trying to be all hot.

    • Thanks KB! And YES, someone should study the correlation between Pam’s hotness and the downhill spiral of the show. Which I am still watching because it’s on our DVR, so I guess I’ll just see this thing through.

  4. lynn!!! you are awesome and i love the three different ways you used the top!!! keep em coming!!!! im not very good at coming up with “get ups” like you!!!!

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