Let’s All Go Shopping Online!

Ooh how I love online shopping. Sometimes I add things to my cart, more with wishful thinking than real intention. The “add to cart” click is just so satisfying. I’ll go about my life and you know, sometimes the items will be removed or go out of stock. But sometimes! Sometimes, just when I wasn’t looking, the thing in my cart magically went on sale, and that thing that was expensive is now not-so expensive, and it’s definitely meant to be and that cannot be ignored and it’s MINE!

If you haven’t experienced this kind of joy, try that out. But do it at Nordstrom or something, because you won’t want to go saving items in your cart here over here:


I am so excited to announce that Camden Boutique is now online! My friend Dee, owner of Camden Boutique in downtown Elmhurst, just launched her new site. Right now, you can use code FREESHIP for complimentary shipping on your order! Someone buy these things so I can look at you:

Camden is the source of my best outfits. You’ve seen a couple things from this store in my Fashion Show at Lunch post, but that’s nothin’. I do a lot of shopping (pretend shopping counts) and Camden’s selection is perfection. Dee does a great job hand-picking all of the brands (Dolce Vita, Prairie, Gypsy 05) for unique yet very wearable pieces, resulting in a store full of cool stuff no one else has. The site looks awesome and it was definitely a labor of love for Dee and Liz and my amazing sister, Lauren, her fiance, Matt, and Dee’s brother, John, who designed and built the site!

While we’re on the subject of super-talented friends, another item you can cross off your shopping list today is my friend Rachel Bertsche’s book, MWF Seeking BFF. It comes out December 20, but you can pre-order your copy right now. Pre-sale numbers are a big deal in the publishing world. And if you do pre-order, Rachel announced on her blog that you are now her friend, so she will give you a friendship bracelet! Friendship bracelets are Style Alter-approved fashion accessories.

MWF Seeking BFF is a memoir about Rachel’s move from NYC to Chicago and her experience trying to make new friends in a new city. At this age. Which is basically the worst. Rachel went on a year of girl-dates to document how hard, scary and definitely entertaining it is to make new friends. I can’t tell you how many times I cringed while she was telling me her stories. Like the time she took improv classes to make new friends. I can’t think of anything more I’d rather not do, but the girl was committed and she has really inspired me. And if this entices you to buy her book, I’m in it! (Well, mentioned. Counts.)

Rachel is an incredibly talented writer and everybody knows it. O, The Oprah Magazine named her book one of “10 Titles to Pick Up Now.” Chicago Magazine called it a “humbling, hilarious memoir” and said you should “put MWF on your book club list now.”

And, Rachel? Your readers are clearly the best kind of readers there are:

I’m also going to be styling Rachel for her book tour stop in Chicago on Jan. 12, so look forward to more on that!

Shop at Camden. Buy the book. Have a great Friday!


4 thoughts on “Let’s All Go Shopping Online!

  1. Thank you thank you thank you for this lovely post! You are indeed a great friend. And you are not mentioned–you are FEATURED. Just look at the cover!

    I can’t wait to get Style Altered for my reading. I have a jacket picked out, and that’s about it. Your help will be sorely needed.

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