The Literary Look

As I mentioned before, my friend Rachel recently had her first book published. It’s very exciting times–she’s traveling the country doing book readings, she landed several TV appearances and she’s in the most recent issue of People! (Muuuurder at the Palace edition).

We decided it would be fun if I played stylist and helped Rachel figure out what to wear for some of these appearances. This is when I discovered something: Looking through other people’s closets is fascinating. I assumed I’d seen Rachel’s entire wardrobe by now, considering I saw her every day for the nearly four years we worked together. Not even. I’m still thinking about Rachel’s shoe collection.

Some looks we styled (dressy for TV, casual for readings):

So literary-chic. Some tips that came up:

1. Go for a good fit and structure above all else. I love the look of loose, flowy tops (as does Rachel) but that just doesn’t translate well on TV. (Or pictures, for that matter).

2. Find something you love and build off it. Rachel had a new blazer and necklace she wanted to incorporate into some of her looks, so that gave us a good starting point.

3. Be fancy. TV is like another world. High heels are a must. Bold colors and patterns look interesting, not out of place. It’s obviously not evening wear, it’s just dressing like you care.

A few more TV and reading options:

Last night, Rachel did a reading at The Book Cellar in Chicago, so I got to see one of the outfits we put together in action:

Yesterday was the first big snow in Chicago, so Rachel wisely ditched the heels for adorable snow boots (from Target! They’ve really upped their shoe game recently). Love it.

I’m really into this leather Kenneth Cole leather jacket Rachel has, which she said she hadn’t worn in ages. Her dress had a great draping detail though, so there had to be a big reveal:

It was a fun night and Rachel read a couple parts of her book, including a story involving yours truly. She said my name like eight times, so I’m pretty much famous now. She left out the part where I rejected her Mean Girls-style (which is redic now that we’re friends and I’ve decided didn’t actually happen), but you guys will have to read that part yourselves!


2 thoughts on “The Literary Look

  1. THIS
    Love this post and Rachel, this is an absolutely AMAZING opportunity/experience!!!! Congrats again and I’m so excited to see all your new looks on the spots you do in the future!!!

  2. Love the last pic of all the Harpo alums with the book cover mock-up! Great styling; Rachel looks fab. I like your comment about ‘dressing like you care’ -sometimes need a reminder to do so, esp during winter in Chicago. Thanks for that!

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