Lara Miller Blogger Party

This week has already been full of firsts for me. Not only did I join the Chicago Blogger Network, I attended my first blogger event. CBN was hosting a blogger party with Lara Miller, who is one of the few major fashion designers based in Chicago – her studio is right in Wrigleyville! She works out of her old apartment space, which she converted into a studio. She has racks upon racks of her clothing in the building’s massive basement, so it has this industrial-chic vibe to it. I absolutely love that she stuck to her roots and has a working studio in Chicago.

This is the first event for bloggers I’ve ever attended and I’m so glad I did. I heard about it at the last minute, so I signed up without having time to think about how I’m terrified to show up to anything that can be construed as “social” without the protection of a pack. Of course, it was fine and everyone was so nice!

For the event, we style looks from her new Spring 2012 collection along with any pieces from her past collections that we wanted. It was so much fun – we basically all just played dress up, had our hair and makeup done, and then a photographer snapped some shots!

Here’s me browsing. The new collection is really bright and colorful, while her past collections are filled with very wearable neutrals. The Lara Miller line is available at Macy’s on State St., Pivot Boutique, p.45 and a few others in Chicago.

We had our hair and makeup done for the photos, and Lara is going to use some of them for her lookbook – here’s me getting a big pouf!

I’m wearing what I believe is the Callie cardigan from Lara’s Spring 2012 collection here. It can be worn like, 18 different ways, I kid you not. I can’t stop thinking about this piece and how much I loved it. I believe it’s made out of bamboo, which is so incredibly soft. Lara, you should really consider developing a home line with blankets and throws made out of this stuff! The necklace is also a Lara Miller creation, which can be worn as a shown, as a bracelet, in your hair or as a belt. I’m also wearing Lara Miller black shorts, opaque black tights and black ankle boots. I thought it was a cute look to transition into spring!

Lara and I (and my hair, which needs it’s own photo credit!)

I have to mention another thing I know from meeting Lara previously, which is that all of her pieces are eco-friendly. Lara is really leading the charge in eco-fashion and I really respect that. The way most clothing is manufactured is harmful to the earth and the fashion industry as a whole is incredibly wasteful. I bet you would have realized that on your own if you thought about it, but it’s people like Lara who get us thinking.

Here’s a quote from my past interview with Lara that I’ll leave you with:

“I really think there is something to be said about investing in pieces you feel really strongly about versus buying 20 throwaway garments from Target—and then literally throwing them away into a landfill.”

It’s so true, and I’m constantly struggling to find the balance between spending money on pieces that last and my constant need for new, new, new, which can only be satisfied by the cheap stuff. It’s a huge basis for this blog!

What do you guys think?


2 thoughts on “Lara Miller Blogger Party

  1. Awesome!!! I’m proud of you for going to that event alone, that is my worst nightmare! =o)

    I really like the quote from Lara you included at the end, that is a REALLY good way to think about it. And not everything that’s worth having needs to be expensive, but many times quality both in the material and construction comes with a price, and it will last you that much longer and definitely worth the investment if you love the piece. You’re also going to be more likely to take better care of it and get more use out of it, and be happier wearing it =o)

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