Oscar Nails


Even though Pinterest regularly points out to me that nothing I’ve done in the past has been remotely creative, cool or interesting, I absolutely love it. As a Pinterest troller, I see the same trends pop up over and over – and one that’s been catching my eye lately? Nail art! What have I been thinking, walking around all this time with naked nails? My nails are a completely untapped accessory resource.

I decided to start simple, since I’ve never tried anything other than solid colors (which can be a feat in itself). I was inspired by this image on Miss Ladyfinger’s blog – easy enough and I liked the idea of transitioning from one color to another. In honor of the Oscars, I decided to go with black (-ish…OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark) and gold (OPI’s Glitzerland).

Thankfully, this little project was pretty simple. You could try painters tape to block off half of your ring finger, but free-handing it landed up being easier for me. (Painters tape tends to betray me, anyway). With a steady hand it wasn’t as hard as I was afraid it might be to paint the second half of the nail. Just make sure to paint the gold half first and use two coats. The black easily covers up the gold to ensure you get a clean, straight line.

The best thing about this design is that you only have to fully concentrate on the ring finger, since the rest of your nails are just painted as normal. I’m happy with how they turned out and am excited to try this out with different colors. I especially think this would look great with like colors – orange transitioning to red, nude transitioning to pink, etc.

Give it a try and send me aicture if you do! If you want more nail art inspiration, I love Miss Ladyfinger and Chalkboard Nails.

And speaking of Pinterest, I’ve been trying to add a button so that should you feel inclined, you can easily pin things from this blog. Hopefully that will be up soon. Happy pinning!


Fashion Show at Lunch: Shift Dress 3 Ways

In this latest addition of my Kelly Kapoor inspired Fashion Show at Lunch Series, I’ve styled this French Connection dress three different ways. I’ve had this dress for several years now and I still love it – I just needed to find new ways to style it so I didn’t get bored.

Even if you don’t have this exact dress, you probably have a similar shift-style dress or tunic in your close that could be worn in similar ways. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. As a Belted Dress

This is how I’ve worn this dress dozens of times. Everything about this outfit appeals to me – comfy dress, belted, leggings and boots. This is very me. In fact, if you know me, you’ve likely seen me in this.

2. As a Top

I know! Let me just say, it’s actually not my brilliant idea to shove a dress down my pants. I received this tip years ago from a fashionable friend and since then see it being done all over the place. This outfit is tried and true – I wore it to work one day and got not one, but two compliments on my “top.” Tucking opens up a whole new world of options, but not all dresses will work, of course – most won’t, actually. This one is perfect because it’s a thin material and on the short side. There isn’t much fabric to tuck in so there isn’t any bunching. Skirts can work instead of jeans, too.

If you’re nervous, just throw a long cardigan over it. Don’t be scared, give tucking a try!

3. As a Skirt

This is the one way I hadn’t worn this dress yet – as a skirt. I chose a chunky sweater to layer over the top and added a belt for some shape. I LOVE this outfit. Love, love, love. It’s now my favorite – probably because it’s a new style for me, which makes me feel like I’m wearing a brand new outfit. Because duh, Barney Stinson’s oldest rule: New is always better.

What do you guys think? Which is your favorite? Would you give tucking a chance?

Fashion Quotes That Actually Make You Feel Good

I love fashion, but there comes a point when it goes and turns on you. Body image, income, judgment – it all takes a toll. I’ve collected a few quotes from people I admire who might just make you feel a little better about the world and how you choose to present yourself in it.


“I like having my hair and face done, but I’m not going to lose weight because someone tells me to. I make music to be a musician not to be on the cover of Playboy.”

I love that Adele is who she is. I’m bored of looking at tween pop stars in short dresses. Adele let’s her voice speak for itself – but inconsequentially she is really, really beautiful.

Tim Gunn

“Not to sound disparaging toward anyone, but when people cite J.Crew as budget shopping—it really isn’t.”

Amen, Tim. What is with the onslaught of magazines and fashion figures using J.Crew as their budget buy? Give me a break. Anyone who knows me knows I love Tim Gunn and this quote is from an interview with him (one of the most delightful experiences of my life). I won’t argue that many things in fashion are worth the investment, but there is no reason to make the people living in the real world feel like crap.

Nicole Chavez, Rachel Bilson’s Stylist

“I like to think about what would feel different, to the point where someone would stop me and say, ‘I wouldn’t have done that.’ Trying to push the envelope is fun, because you want people talking, and you want people to take notice. There are no rules. There are suggestions, but there are definitely no rules. So have fun with fashion.”

I became a Rachel Bilson fan in her O.C. days and the genius that was Season 1. The girl’s got great style and I like this quote from her stylist on Refinery29 because it’s a reminder that fashion should be fun. If you take it too seriously and are more concerned about being judged than expressing yourself, then it’s not.

Advanced Style
Lastly, I leave you with this video from Advanced Style. This incredible street style blog features older women who just plain rock. There are a millions great little lessons in here that lead to the conclusion that again, fashion should be fun.

TOMS Ballet Flats are Here


The new (and highly anticipated) ballet flats went on sale today on TOMS.com and are available for presale on Nordstrom.com (which offers free shipping, but they won’t ship until March 1st).

Tip: Reviews of the ballet flats are good so far, but the consensus is to order 1/2 size down because they run a tad large.

Aren’t they cute?

In case you don’t know the history, TOMS was formed after it’s founder took a trip to South America. He saw children living in poor conditions without shoes to protect their feet and decided to do something about it. He reinvented the traditional Argentine alpargata shoe and for every pair someone buys, a pair is donated to a child in need.

The fact that this shoe gained so much popularity, not through trends and fashion magazines but through benevolence and  word of mouth, is so inspiring and uplifting. My sister might wear TOMS at her wedding, which is awesome. I actually do like the style of the classic TOMS for what they symbolize and think they make much more of a statement than the ballet flats ever will — but the ballet flats are just so feminine and wearable! It’s a win-win.

I’m going to wait until it’s actually spring to buy these. Until then, I’ll be debating which color to get. I’m currently feeling the rose linen:

Are you buying TOMS ballet flats? What color??