TOMS Ballet Flats are Here


The new (and highly anticipated) ballet flats went on sale today on and are available for presale on (which offers free shipping, but they won’t ship until March 1st).

Tip: Reviews of the ballet flats are good so far, but the consensus is to order 1/2 size down because they run a tad large.

Aren’t they cute?

In case you don’t know the history, TOMS was formed after it’s founder took a trip to South America. He saw children living in poor conditions without shoes to protect their feet and decided to do something about it. He reinvented the traditional Argentine alpargata shoe and for every pair someone buys, a pair is donated to a child in need.

The fact that this shoe gained so much popularity, not through trends and fashion magazines but through benevolence and  word of mouth, is so inspiring and uplifting. My sister might wear TOMS at her wedding, which is awesome. I actually do like the style of the classic TOMS for what they symbolize and think they make much more of a statement than the ballet flats ever will — but the ballet flats are just so feminine and wearable! It’s a win-win.

I’m going to wait until it’s actually spring to buy these. Until then, I’ll be debating which color to get. I’m currently feeling the rose linen:

Are you buying TOMS ballet flats? What color??



11 thoughts on “TOMS Ballet Flats are Here

  1. I think they are VERY cute buuuuut I don’t like how the Tom’s logo is so big on the back of the flats. I also don’t love the price of $78…but that’s just me sticking to my guns to not pay more than $40 on a pair of flats. I’ll probably wait to buy until they go on sale or maybe sooner out of jealousy if I see you out and about in them. 🙂

  2. These are so cute and i love my classic gray TOM’S, but $78 does seem a bit steep. I am sure I will bite the bullet, though, because I live in flats, these are super cute and you can’t beat the one for one aspect.

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