Fashion Show at Lunch: Shift Dress 3 Ways

In this latest addition of my Kelly Kapoor inspired Fashion Show at Lunch Series, I’ve styled this French Connection dress three different ways. I’ve had this dress for several years now and I still love it – I just needed to find new ways to style it so I didn’t get bored.

Even if you don’t have this exact dress, you probably have a similar shift-style dress or tunic in your close that could be worn in similar ways. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. As a Belted Dress

This is how I’ve worn this dress dozens of times. Everything about this outfit appeals to me – comfy dress, belted, leggings and boots. This is very me. In fact, if you know me, you’ve likely seen me in this.

2. As a Top

I know! Let me just say, it’s actually not my brilliant idea to shove a dress down my pants. I received this tip years ago from a fashionable friend and since then see it being done all over the place. This outfit is tried and true – I wore it to work one day and got not one, but two compliments on my “top.” Tucking opens up a whole new world of options, but not all dresses will work, of course – most won’t, actually. This one is perfect because it’s a thin material and on the short side. There isn’t much fabric to tuck in so there isn’t any bunching. Skirts can work instead of jeans, too.

If you’re nervous, just throw a long cardigan over it. Don’t be scared, give tucking a try!

3. As a Skirt

This is the one way I hadn’t worn this dress yet – as a skirt. I chose a chunky sweater to layer over the top and added a belt for some shape. I LOVE this outfit. Love, love, love. It’s now my favorite – probably because it’s a new style for me, which makes me feel like I’m wearing a brand new outfit. Because duh, Barney Stinson’s oldest rule: New is always better.

What do you guys think? Which is your favorite? Would you give tucking a chance?


11 thoughts on “Fashion Show at Lunch: Shift Dress 3 Ways

  1. awesome!!!!!!!! i’m glad you found a way to make that sweater in your last shot work too! I wore that one time NYE I think in 2003 or 2004? you are the queen of making things old new again!!!!

  2. Though I finished my lunch long ago, I LOVE a fashion show anytime – lunch, first dinner, second breakfast. I think my favorite is the sweater look, but the tucking tip is sorta life-changing.

  3. Look 1 is so very Lynn, but I love #3! I’m excited to get home and see if any of my dresses will work skirt-style!

    As always – when in doubt, belt it.

  4. Hi! Just found you via Rachel’s blog and I have to say after reading through all of your posts–you’re awesome! I feel like you’re real and very knowledgeable. I subscribed to your blog immediately and look forward to reading more!

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