Oscar Nails


Even though Pinterest regularly points out to me that nothing I’ve done in the past has been remotely creative, cool or interesting, I absolutely love it. As a Pinterest troller, I see the same trends pop up over and over – and one that’s been catching my eye lately? Nail art! What have I been thinking, walking around all this time with naked nails? My nails are a completely untapped accessory resource.

I decided to start simple, since I’ve never tried anything other than solid colors (which can be a feat in itself). I was inspired by this image on Miss Ladyfinger’s blog – easy enough and I liked the idea of transitioning from one color to another. In honor of the Oscars, I decided to go with black (-ish…OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark) and gold (OPI’s Glitzerland).

Thankfully, this little project was pretty simple. You could try painters tape to block off half of your ring finger, but free-handing it landed up being easier for me. (Painters tape tends to betray me, anyway). With a steady hand it wasn’t as hard as I was afraid it might be to paint the second half of the nail. Just make sure to paint the gold half first and use two coats. The black easily covers up the gold to ensure you get a clean, straight line.

The best thing about this design is that you only have to fully concentrate on the ring finger, since the rest of your nails are just painted as normal. I’m happy with how they turned out and am excited to try this out with different colors. I especially think this would look great with like colors – orange transitioning to red, nude transitioning to pink, etc.

Give it a try and send me aicture if you do! If you want more nail art inspiration, I love Miss Ladyfinger and Chalkboard Nails.

And speaking of Pinterest, I’ve been trying to add a button so that should you feel inclined, you can easily pin things from this blog. Hopefully that will be up soon. Happy pinning!


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