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One of the coolest things to me is finding out when someone I haven’t met before (and therefore did not coerce into reading this) likes my blog! One of my sister’s co-workers (hi, Karli!) emailed Lauren to ask if I would give her styling advice. Karli is a new mom and I think just basically felt like she was in a style rut. Many women wear the same “safe” styles over and over again – they’re tired of it, but feel stuck because it’s hard to try something new. Some people just need a lil push!

Lauren set up a day for us all to go to Camden Boutique in Elmhurst, which is our favorite boutique that I’ve mentioned before. A few of Lauren’s other co-workers joined us so we had a big group: Karli, Laura, Val and Lauren D. I asked the girls to pick out things they liked but might normally not have chosen, and with lots of help from Dee (Camden’s owner and our very good friend!), we styled the girls in different looks to give everyone a better idea of how one piece could turn into multiple outfits.

With Karli, the thing I was most excited about was getting her into skinny jeans. She thought she couldn’t wear them! Most untrue statement ever. A nice pair of dark wash skinny jeans can be flattering on basically every body shape. Of course, what you wear with them makes all the difference. A long, belted, blousy top is super flattering, as Karli demonstrates:

Cute, right? Simple yet stylish. Next is Laura, who has an upcoming trip to Vegas planned. This dress is perfect for nightlife:

Laura looks great in this dress (if only I had the right shoes)! As you can see in the picture, the necklace comes attached but is actually removable. This, along with the fact that the dress is a soft, almost sweatshirt-like material, makes it extremely versatile. So many possibilities! This is what I live for. Look at some of the ways we found to wear it:

Now, Val. Val is one of those girls who looks good in everything she tries on. Fact. I love this denim shirt dress on her, which soft and comfy and can easily be accessorized in a million ways:

Tip: When a dress comes with its own belt, trying changing it out. Instant upgrade. I also love how the scarf in the second picture changes everything. I like the legging/boot combo in the second picture (wardrobe staple) but the one thing I’d change about the first look is to do bare legs so the leggings aren’t cutting at the calf. My sister also owns this dress and I will be asking and/or begging to borrow it from her.

Lastly we have Lauren D., who tried on this orange dress by Bella Dahl, the same designer as the dress above. I love a dress like this because it’s easy to throw on and can act as a blank canvas when you’re up for accessorizing a little more. In the second look, I unbuttoned a grey top and layered it over the dress with a leopard print belt.

Lauren D. also tried a pair of these great faded, salmon-colored jeans that I was obsessed with. I love colored denim and although it can be intimidating at first, it won’t seem that way when everyone is wearing them this spring. Colored denim for all!

I love this picture and everyone looks really great, but Lauren D. in the printed top with those colored jeans – so, SO good. It’s just a little more unexpected and takes the style up to the next level.

So that was a little taste of our shopping trip! I loved hanging out with all the girls and special thanks to my co-stylist Dee and Lauren for all your help (who you can’t see here because she took all the pictures, thanks Lauren!).

Most of what you see here can be bought online at If you’re in the Chicago area, you must check out her store in downtown Elmhurst. Dee and I are hoping to work an event together soon, so be on the lookout for more on that!


14 thoughts on “Styling Sesh

  1. Styling question, Lynn: I too love the scarf on Val, but I find that whenever I wear scarves I feel like I am tying/wrapping/looping them wrong. The way this one falls is so cute but I don’t think I could get mine to look like that. Might you post about the different and best way for scarf styling?

    I usually just loop it around my neck once and then let the ends hang, but it always seems a little limp and I see other wearing them so much better!

  2. AMAZING!!!! Lynn and Dee, you really made each girl look so good, and each outfit really suited their unique styles. It’s great to have opportunities to get some fashion tips because you never really know what will look good on you, maybe you think you can’t pull something off, but there can be endless ways to style an outfit that might be perfect for you!!

    And props to the models Karli, Val, Laura and Lauren D. You girls looked amazing and were great sports trying on millions of outfits! =o)

    Can’t wait for the next time!

  3. This post is so great! It shows, too, how great Camden is at having a variety of clothes that work with different personal fashion taste if you simply style an outfit differently. I had so much fun, bought some great staples (even a pair of skinny jeans!!!) and am having so much fun getting dressed these days. I think Lynn and Dee should offer styling/personal shopping appointment at Camden because they are amazing. Thanks, girls!!!

  4. Lynn this blog rocks! You make me want to go shopping!!! Especially at Camden! I have no fashion, you totally nailed it, I want to but not brave enough. You are very inspiring! I might just wear a skinny belt out tonight :0)

      • I wish I had a photo from Friday night! I went out with a few of the girls I usually go to the gym with and rocked boots, skinny jeans, this tunic that I love, but its kinda boring and a gold big belt over it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Lynn, style question for you… I am one of those people who are convinced I will never be able to wear skinny jeans. Any tips for finding ones with the right fit (especially when your thighs are a problem area)? How do you know the difference between “meant to be” and “I’m totally kidding myself that these look good just because they zip”?

    • I have problems finding proper-fitting skinny jeans myself. I have the same problem area and it’s just a matter of finding a pair that are the right proportions for you. I’ve tried pairs on that are squeeze the life out of my calves and some that were huge in the waist and ridiculously tight in the thighs, so you really need to be resilient and keep trying. I think the belted tunic/long cardigan look is very much your style and would look great with skinny jeans on you! There is also other things to consider, like length…which I think I’ll write a post on. But in the mean time, if you want some inspiration, I love this blog:

      She has a real body and wears skinnies all the time! I always find inspiration in other people’s outfits.

  6. Lynn, love, love this post – i really enjoyed reading it. I’ve already worn my dress w/ jeans & scarf and the necklace on it’s on with another top. I am really digging the versatility. I have been shopping at Camden for a few years now (thanks to Lauren Okura for introducing me!) and I always leave with something amazing. Seeing the colored jeans on Lauren Duchon really makes me want to try on a pair. They look amazing on her. Any tips on how to wear them, what not to do?

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