DIY Anthropologie Colorblocked Shades

Though I do enjoy the finer things in life, when it comes to sunglasses I think I enjoy the cheapo plastic pairs equally to the designer variety. Everyone could use a few dumb pairs of retro sunnies in an overly distracting color, right?

Right. Like these Colorblocked Shades from Anthropologie:

I love these. The pop of orange, the on-trend color blocking and the wayfarer shape are all winners. At $38, they’re pretty reasonable – but not as reasonable as DIY-ing them with the super-cheap pair I already had at home. As soon as I saw these Anthropolgie shades I thought of the pair I bought a few summers ago:

They’re…fine. I bought them because they were something like $5 and I liked the shape, which is very close to the Anthropologie shades to begin with.

Time for an upgrade! To start, I covered the frames with a paper towel (to protect the lenses) and wrapped it all up in foil, leaving just the earpieces exposed. A normal person might have used painters tape, but I was running low. This baked potato contraption actually worked out perfectly.

Plastic is a tricky thing to paint and I didn’t want my shades to start chipping and peeling, so I began by spraying them with a white primer. Next, I used gold spray paint on just the ends. The Anthropologie version is more of a nude color, but I was feeling metallic. Once that dried I brushed a thin coat of bright peachy-orange acrylic paint over the rest. Tip: THIN coats are key. I finished it off with a coat of clear varnish to (hopefully) prevent chipping.

The results:

Ready for summer!


8 thoughts on “DIY Anthropologie Colorblocked Shades

    • Thanks! Yeah it’s kind of a sherbert orange, I love it! And so now as I was typing that, spell-check tells me it’s “sherbet” and not “sherbert”…WHAAA?? What have I been saying all my life??

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