You and a Guest are Cordially Invited to My Arm Party

As you all know, my sister got married this past weekend! I’m going to save blogging about the actual wedding until Lauren gets her professional pictures back so that it can really be done justice. In the mean time, I’d like to invite you to a little side party I hosted:

My dress was a combo of dark and light blue, hence the color scheme. Lauren let us choose our own dresses and accessories because she is the coolest bride ever. This allowed us to show our personality a little and I felt comfortable going kind of bold because Lauren isn’t a subtle girl herself.

Bracelets were collected over time, which made it like a fun treasure hunt.

From left to right (unfortunately, most aren’t online): Juicy Couture, Ann Taylor, Bloomingdale’s Outlet, Kohls.

Hope you enjoyed the party, thanks for coming!


Sister Sister Fashion Show at Lunch

I interrupt my lack of posting (resuming next week – promise!) to bring you this special message: MY SISTER IS GETTING MARRIED TOMORROW! I am crazy excited. I’m actually so excited that I almost don’t want it to happen because then it will be over. I’ll have to do a post of the aftermath because this will be the most creative, fun, fashion-forward event of the century. In the mean time, I’d like to take it back to our roots for a moment. All credit for this fashion show goes to our mom, who made all of our dresses for us on her sewing machine!

After this, we stilled dressed alike but only in Looney Tunes XL apparel, so I’ll stop now.

Happy pre-wedding day, Lauren!