Sew Excited

I started my first sewing class!

So Project Runway. Tchad LLC workroom.

Back in high school I took a couple sewing classes (Fashion I and Fashion II) which consisted of learning to sew boxer shorts (easy), a skirt (moderately easy) and a collared button-down shirt (SO FRUSTRATINGLY DIFFICULT). Don’t get me started on the sleeves. We also got to make an item of our choice, so after the shirt debacle I chose the simplest item of clothing ever known to man: the tube top. In college, I conned my mom into buying me a craptastic plastic sewing contraption so that I could make myself more tube tops, but that thing broke pretty much instantaneously. Which is too bad because I really could have used a tube top for every day of the week.

I’ve always wished I had kept up sewing and had a machine to use at home for simple things and to have as a creative outlet. And more than that, I’m really interested in learning how things are constructed and the mechanics behind the design. And…maybe I want to make more tube tops.

So I signed up for a class that’s pretty intense: three hours long, once a week for 10 weeks. It’s a small group class but everyone works on different projects at different levels and receives individual instruction from the teacher, so it’s really more like a private lesson.

I had my first class and…IT WAS AWESOME. The things I learned in high school are coming back to me (those little triangle markings, basting the darts) and the first three hours flew by.

Here’s what I’m making:

I picked out two patterns. I wanted to start off with something simple so that I didn’t completely frustrate and overwhelm myself. My first choice was to make a pencil skirt and my teacher specifically recommended this pattern. I also found this simple colorblock dress that I thought could be really fun with the right fabric color choices. I got to my first class and my instructor said I should make both!

Progress has begun. Perhaps you’ll see me modeling them soon!


Summer Solstice Scotch Tape Nails

Today was the first official day of summer, and because summer is everything I want and need in life, it called for a celebration. To soak up all the vitamin D possible,Todd and I went for walk to the park by us – which we do often and wouldn’t be all that interesting, except THIS time I had special summer solstice nails. Aw yeah.

I’m actually pretty amazed at how they turned out. Check out those crisp lines! The secret? Scotch tape. Not actually that big of a secret considering I’ve been seeing nail art done using Scotch tape all over Pinterest, but the REAL secret is that it actually WORKS! I thought for sure it would peel the nail polish off, but it doesn’t. Amazing. Pinterest, you win. Scotch tape is Style Alter approved. Or, generic Target brand invisible tape. #budget

TIP: Dull the stickiness of the tape by sticking to the palm of your hand a few times to assure it really won’t pull off your polish.

Start with the lightest color (nude, in my case).

Once that coat has dried, use a piece of tape to block off an area and paint a coat in a new color (tangerine). Peel the tape off right away, don’t wait for it to dry.

Repeat with the last coat (glittery gold). Glittery polishes should be saved for last so you don’t have to try and layer over them.

Around now you will start feeling like this whole thing is taking too long and there’s no way you’ll make it to the end without screwing up. Hang in there, it’s worth it!

Peel off the last layer of tape and…REJOICE!

Hope everyone else enjoyed their first day of summer!