I’m coming off of vacay high right now. This past weekend Todd and I took a little east coast tour of DC and NYC. DC was filled with great friends, lots of history lessons (like learning it was the 43rd anniversary of the moon landing) and tons of fun (like using the 43rd anniversary of the moon landing as an excuse to take celebratory shots. “To Buzz!”).

Good ole Honest Abe.

NYC was filled with first anniversary celebrations, good food (slash bad for you food), Newsies on Broadway (phenomenal) and…fabric! While walking back to our hotel, Todd and I stopped in Mood Fabrics–THE Mood, of Project Runway fame. I’m basically BFFs with Tim Gunn, so it was a must. Also, I really wanted to buy some fabric for the projects I’m working on in sewing class. Sidenote, Chicago has a dismal selection of fashion fabric, at least for non-designers. Lame.

So in comparison to what I’ve seen here, Mood was sensory overload.

So. Much. Fabric. Now I know why those PR contestants run around like maniacs.

I shopped quickly because I’m pretty sure the last way Todd wanted to spend his anniversary was in a fabric store. (Weird).  Luckily, I found two fabrics I loved pretty much immediately and scooped them up. I’m going to make straight, short skirts out of them. (Hopefully).

Yelp alert: The staff at Mood is extremely nice. Twice I was asked if I needed help and the guy who cut my fabric was friendly and helpful. The store was busy and there was a mix of obvious tourists and real shoppers, but they had plenty of staff to handle everyone. So if you’re in NYC and thinking about stopping by Mood, do it!

Thanks, Mood! And happy first anniversary, Todd!


Happy FOJ!