Hair Wars: Okura vs. Oscar

When my sister was planning her May 2012 wedding, she had lots of fun, creative, HOW DID YOU COME UP WITH THAT kind of ideas. She’s a designer and its just how her brain works. Before her hair and makeup trial, Lauren emailed me some of her ideas for updos and said she was thinking of wearing her hair in a big bun. Awesome. But not just a bun…a bun with colored extensions added to it. COLORED EXTENSIONS!

Photo: Laura Holmes, Hair & Makeup: Bridal Beauty Chicago

The contrast of a ladylike bun with bright streaks of color is just so cool. I don’t think I was that articulate when I told her I liked the idea, though. Nope. Here’s actually what I said in my email: “OOOOOHHH I love the hair color in the bun!!!!!!!” Seven exclamation points worth of excitement. Apparently, someone else felt the same way.

Oscar de la Renta SS13 show a few days ago, 9/11/12:

Photo: via OscarPRGirl on Pinterest

Back to my sister’s hair trial, exactly six months prior, 3/11/12: Granted, colored extensions would go along with Lauren’s wedding theme a little more than most. Her wedding was bright, bold and graphic with a CMYK wedding theme. (CMYK stands for the four fundamental colors in design: cyan, magenta, yellow, black). Photo: Angela Renee Photography

Lauren has played around with colored extensions in the past, so it really wasn’t SO out of the realm of possibility for her to have a blue streak of hair on her wedding day. In the end, she went with a more classic look and decided not to use them. It’s for the best–girl was ahead of her time. She’s still the raddest.


P.S. I’m a Jewelry Designer Now

I’ve been talking about wanting to take a jewelry class forrrevvvverrrr now (as some of you know) because I have all of these vision of jewelry designs that need to exist in reality and not just my head. So after my sewing class ended, it was time to get serious. I enrolled in a metalsmithing class and a wax and casting class at Lillstreet Art Center–which started last night! Our first task in becoming metalsmithers was to create a simple pendant out of brass or copper. What I love about this class already is that right off the bat, we were allowed to create our own designs. It’s not as if we all created the same pendant–we were told to sketch out whatever we wanted and go for it.

Here’s what I made:

Style Alter Illinois State Necklace

It’s the state of Illinois! And, if you look closely–a message for my fellow Illini fans.

I actually created two, but I want to go back over the larger copper piece and physically cut out a little letter “I” to mark where Champaign, IL is.

To make this piece, I started by sketching the design on paper. I knew right away that I wanted to do the state of Illinois, so I looked up a map on my phone and drew it out. I am not taking credit for the concept of a state necklace–the idea came from a something I’d seen before. There are many versions out there, but I like to think my little “I-L-L” brings some originality to the table.

I sawed out the design, filed it smooth, drilled a hole for a jump ring and connected it to a chain.

My teacher said to make sure we keep our first pieces, because she likes for us look at them at the end of the program and see how far we’ve come. So what you’re saying is, I should be embarrassed of this? Because I might never take it off. Then again, I love absolutely anything with a U of I connotation. I kind of owe everything to this school: my career, my friends, my husband for crying out loud.

In front of Foellinger Auditorim, my favorite picture from the engagement photos we took in Champaign after Todd hired a photographer off Craiglist for a grand total of $50.

For my first attempt, I’m pretty much in love with this necklace. Maybe I’ll design an entire U of I collection. Who wants a KAM’S necklace?