Rings and Things

More adventures in metalsmithing going on the past few weeks. Check this out:

Style Alter Brass Rings

Style Alter Brass Pendant and Rings

I made that stuff!

My favorite of all the things I made so far is the faceted ring.

Style Alter Brass Faceted Ring

To make it, I first had to carve a ring out of wax (literally, like whittled away at it until it was the shape I wanted). The wax carving is used to make a mold, and that mold is used to make a metal ring. That’s the short story. The long version involves kilns and blow torches and centrifugal force and it’s all so COOL. You have to heat little bits of metal with a blow torch until it becomes fluid, and then force the molten metal into your mold using this contraption that spins it around really fast. The process is called casting. We’ve done it once so far and my teacher told us it would be an adrenaline rush, and it is. Because you’re really relying on physics (or for us non-physicists, COMPLETE BLIND FAITH) to keep this molten metal from flying up at your face.

Here is the ring I carved out of blue wax:

Style Alter Wax Ring

And here it is after being casted in bronze:

Style Alter Brass Faceted RingStyle Alter Brass Faceted RingStyle Alter Brass Faceted Ring


Some of the facets are smooth, others have a rough, filed texture. I love it because it looks like a big, chunky gemstone.

Style Alter Brass Faceted RingStyle Alter Brass Faceted Ring

Here it is stacked with another ring I made with the wax and casting process. The triangle piece on my ring finger is a simple guy I made when we were first learning to solder (fusing metal together with heat).

Style Alter Brass Rings

PS, my nail polish is OPI Glitzerland and Essie Splash of Grenadine. This diagonal business is easier to do than it looks. If you’re confident/lazy, just freehand it. It’s not as that hard, really. Unless you are a perfectionist, and then it will drive you crazy. In which case, use tape like in the Scotch tape nail tutorial.

Lastly, a pendant I made out of brass. Actually I made two, a small and a large. It’s hammered and rough and has a worn look to it that I really like.

Style Alter Brass Pendant

Style Alter Brass Pendant

Style Alter Brass Pendant

Style Alter Brass Pendant

Solder on,