Warby Parker Glasses Trial

I have been wanting new glasses forevvvvver. The pair I have are okay. JUST okay. They’re not completely OUT of style, yet not exactly IN style. I’ve had them for…hm. Now that I think about it, I think I’ve had them for almost 10 YEARS! Can that be true? I seriously think I got them around 2003. Ugh, the shame. I take it back, they must be out of style because the shelf life of glasses cannot be 10 years.


Those are the old ones. I bought a new pair about a year ago (with a Groupon), but after wearing them for awhile, they started hurting my nose. They’re just too heavy and hipster for me. Even wearing them for short amounts of time now, my nose starts hurting. I can’t live like that.

To find my new glasses I am trying out Warby Parker. It’s this super cool online eyeglass company that offers free home try-ons with free shipping and returns! You start by choosing five pairs of glasses. The best part is that you can filter by frame width (narrow, medium, or wide), which is nice because I need WIDE. No joke. WIDE. The sample frames with plastic lenses are shipped to you completely free, and you get to try them on and test them out in the comfort of your own home. You can show other people to get their opinion, and wear them for extended periods of time to make sure they’re comfortable. INGENIOUS.


I ordered my glasses earlier this week and they came three days later. In nice packaging.


It feels very Rent the Runway. For your face.



Annnnnd here are my glasses! Tell me which ones you like best.








From now on, all photos of me will be taken in the bathroom. A magical place with very good lighting.

OMG OMG! I almost forgot the best part! All glasses are $95 and that price INCLUDES the anti-reflective prescription lenses. If you wear glasses, you know this a great deal. The main reason I’ve been putting off buying new frames is because it never feels like the right time to shell out $300+. Also, Warby Parker donates one pair for every pair they sell. Very TOMS.

Which ones do you like best? I already know which pair I am heavily leaning towards, but I like a lot of these. Tell me your favorite in the comments! I will reveal my winning pair in my next post. I KNOW, the suspense is killing me too!



11 thoughts on “Warby Parker Glasses Trial

  1. I’m sooooo glad you wrote about this topic!!! I’ve been needing a new pair for awhile and you’re absolutely right, there is never a good time to spend that much on glasses!!!! I will definitely be using them!!!

  2. I like #1 or #4 out of the new ones, but honestly I think the best ones are your current glasses. They still seem hipster to me. I think they compliment your face shape and look very trendy.

  3. You make me laugh. I can’t see past the expressions. But of course, you look good in them all so the best thing about this is you made me laugh a GOOD laugh. There is nothing as precious and valuable than the ability to generate laughter over glasses. 3 cracks me up.

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