The Backpack Comeback and My Obsession with the Olsen Twins

A couple months from now I will be in Japan, a trip we’ve been looking forward to for so long it doesn’t actually feel real. We have a lot of planning to do still, but at the moment I’m choosing to focus all of my attention on one task: Finding a stylish backpack. One to hold all my travel essentials during the trip, and then my everyday junk in real life.

If you recall, baby backpacks were the thang in the 90s. I have a theory that backpacks fell out of favor in the early 2000s (lost to the messenger bag) but now the Olsen twins, princesses of the 90s, have created a surge to bring them back.


I am fascinated by the twins. “You got it, dude,” and “Oh puh-lease,” are like, ingrained in my psyche. Now they’re these full-blown designers who love fashion so much they literally engulf their itty bitty bodies in it. And they’re not sorry. Ashley and Mary Kate don’t care about looking “cute” or “classic” or “cinching in their waist,” they are DED-I-CATED to fashion.

And the twins love a good backpack.


That alligator number by The Row costs $39,000. Yeah no, that comma is in the right place. A few months ago the alligator backpack morphed into an even more expensive bag with pharmaceuticals glued all over it:


It kinda makes you question what world we live in. Those Olsen twins!

All this is to say, I want a backpack. Maybe one of these?


1. Alexander Wang  | 2. Nasty Gal 3. Nasty Gal  | 4. ASOS  |  5. DVF  |  6. Top Shop

Guess what? Politeness week is OVER,



8 thoughts on “The Backpack Comeback and My Obsession with the Olsen Twins

  1. I have the alexander wang one! i ❤ it because you can wear it as a backpack, or shoulder bag (comes with an extra strap so it's versatile) I also like the more casual backpack look… maybe canvas or some other material more like your DVF one.

    • I really like how that one is convertible and you can wear it either way. I’ll just wait until you’re tired of yours and you hand it down to me.

  2. I am super into the black versions. So versatile! I like the gold woven but seems like maybe it would be more seasonal? You would know better than I of course. But most importantly, back to the baby backpack crazy of the 90s. I was obvi totally obsessed with that trend. Wasn’t there a one-word name for these mini packs? Or did we just call them baby backpacks to pair with our baby doll dresses? A brief history, please.

    • You’re totally right about the gold one, it’s much more spring/summer. Although I see myself as more of a seasonal backpack wearer anyway…a baby backpack with a puffy winter coat is prob not a good look. I’m also drawn to the black ones because the one I had in the 90s was black. And IS there another name for the baby backpack?? If there is I can’t remember it or find it. I tried to look it up but my google searches only led me to this clear plastic Lisa Frank backpack:

  3. I’m with Lauren, I like the versatility of the first one, but I like the look of the gold and the studded ones. Great idea for a travel bag.

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