The Thing I Thought I’d Never Wear

Style Alter Anthropolgie Peplum Top

Peplum! I actually even publicly said I would never wear it – if you’re not a stick, it’s hard look to pull off and I wasn’t even going to try. But it’s time to eat my words. I had a “want it, need it, gotta have it” moment at Anthopolgie when I saw this little peplum top. The haphazard polk dots, the thick textured knit fabric, the adorable white and navy blue combo – it had to happen.

The first time I wore this top was for a night out in Philly while visiting one of my very bestest friends. I paired it with skinny DL1961 black denim (more on my love for that brand later), heels and a grey leather jacket. FANCY. But what I really love about this top is how it can go from that, to this:

Style Alter Anthropolgie Peplum TopTop: Anthropologie (on sale!); Jeans: AG Jeans (similar); Sneakers: Old Navy; Crossbody bag: Target

I’m really liking the contrast of a lady-like top with ripped jeans and sneakers.

Style Alter Old Navy Sneakers

And here’s a simple brass necklace I made that you guys haven’t seen before.

Style Alter Brass Necklace

So for anyone else who’s been afraid of peplum, just know that it can actually be flattering, versatile and pretty darn cute. If you’re in the market, here’s a good one.

Next up: Peplum skirts. JUST KIDDING I’m not a masochist.

Putting a pep in your step,



This is Your Day, Your Day

I’m baaaaack! Being that today is my 30th birthday and I have had no less than 15 revelations within the past 48 hours, I thought it was time to get back to blogging. But since I’ve been talking/thinking about my age recently way more than any human should, let’s just stick to fashion. Here’s what I wore:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATop: Anthropologie (on sale and so, so, so soft); Skirt: Free People; Sandals: DV by Dolce Vita (old, similar here)

We celebrated over the weekend by getting friends together for a late afternoon beer garden party. It was a super chill setting–basically like you’re trapped in a Wet Hot American Summer day camp time warp.



I’m really into this skirt because it can be dressed up or down – and I figure it will work just as well with a tank top in summer as with an oversized sweater and tights in the winter. This kind of versatility is what I look for when I’m shopping. It’s all about cost per wear.


The top necklace is the tiniest, daintiest bow necklace purchased in Japan for the purpose of layering with every necklace I own. The beaded necklace is from a strip of cheap jewelry stores in Uptown that needs its own blog post because I cannot even begin to get into that beautiful mess right now.


I had Todd take a picture of my little hair twisty because it’s my most essential look for summer. Because if it’s hot and humid out and I don’t twist my bangs up, I will essentially look like the sixth member of Whitesnake.

Thirty, flirty and thriving,


Warby Parker Glasses Trial

I have been wanting new glasses forevvvvver. The pair I have are okay. JUST okay. They’re not completely OUT of style, yet not exactly IN style. I’ve had them for…hm. Now that I think about it, I think I’ve had them for almost 10 YEARS! Can that be true? I seriously think I got them around 2003. Ugh, the shame. I take it back, they must be out of style because the shelf life of glasses cannot be 10 years.


Those are the old ones. I bought a new pair about a year ago (with a Groupon), but after wearing them for awhile, they started hurting my nose. They’re just too heavy and hipster for me. Even wearing them for short amounts of time now, my nose starts hurting. I can’t live like that.

To find my new glasses I am trying out Warby Parker. It’s this super cool online eyeglass company that offers free home try-ons with free shipping and returns! You start by choosing five pairs of glasses. The best part is that you can filter by frame width (narrow, medium, or wide), which is nice because I need WIDE. No joke. WIDE. The sample frames with plastic lenses are shipped to you completely free, and you get to try them on and test them out in the comfort of your own home. You can show other people to get their opinion, and wear them for extended periods of time to make sure they’re comfortable. INGENIOUS.


I ordered my glasses earlier this week and they came three days later. In nice packaging.


It feels very Rent the Runway. For your face.



Annnnnd here are my glasses! Tell me which ones you like best.








From now on, all photos of me will be taken in the bathroom. A magical place with very good lighting.

OMG OMG! I almost forgot the best part! All glasses are $95 and that price INCLUDES the anti-reflective prescription lenses. If you wear glasses, you know this a great deal. The main reason I’ve been putting off buying new frames is because it never feels like the right time to shell out $300+. Also, Warby Parker donates one pair for every pair they sell. Very TOMS.

Which ones do you like best? I already know which pair I am heavily leaning towards, but I like a lot of these. Tell me your favorite in the comments! I will reveal my winning pair in my next post. I KNOW, the suspense is killing me too!


Do the Collar Holler

So hey, let’s glance straight over the fact I haven’t blogged much recently (I have a million posts already written in my head, WITH photos, so just you wait) and let’s just get straight into it. This month, I went to an event hosted by Chicago magazine and opted for a pencil skirt and sleeveless blouse look. Dressy yet business-y yet fun

I have two things to point out about this outfit that make it notable and worthy of your eyes. One, the skirt I’m wearing is the J.Crew No. 2 pencil skirt, bought on sale. Great skirt, highly recommend. If you’re patient, you can usually find certain colors on sale. Boom. Sale.

But this post isn’t about a pencil skirt: It’s all about the collar holler. Button it UP. ALL the way up. The whole collar trend is possibly one of my favorites because A, I just coined the term “collar holler” and you heard it here first; and B, it’s not a new trend at all, just a way to style the clothes you already have in a way that feels current. That’s what this blog is all about: altering the things you already have to make them more stylish and fun to wear.

Crap. I just googled collar holler and it’s already in the name of some kind of Canadian folk song. Man, nothing is original. You still heard it here first, because let’s not pretend any of you were jammin to the “White Collar Holler” before.

Some collar holler runway inspiration:

Givenchy, Derek Lam, Marc Jacobs
(Fall 2012 runways, taken from

To make it trendy (and sellable), stores are now carrying all kinds of fun detachable collars, which are awesome (and scream DIY if I ever saw it) but so not necessary to buy (unless you want to, and then let me borrow it). Really, you don’t need to buy anything to participate. That’s the beauty of the collar holler–it’s totally inclusive. Just button up a shirt you already own and it looks instantly mod.

Literally, step one: Button your shirt.

Step two: Add a necklace underneath. Again, there are all sorts of collar necklaces you can buy, but any short, chunky necklace will do. I’m SURE you already own at least one.

This is predicted to blow up even more in the fall, so get ready to button it UP and collar HOLLER Honey Boo Boo!