Let’s Get Crafty: Easy DIY Jewelry Display

Style Alter DIY Jewelry Display

I’ve been trying to figure out a good way to display my jewelry for awhile now – adding a tray here, a bowl there. My jewelry is extremely important to me (especially since I started making my own) and I need to visually see what I have or else it gets lost in the abyss for years at a time. Plus, jewelry is pretty – it should be on display.

After seeing some great ideas on Pinterest (like this, this and this) I decided to go with a fabric-covered cork board for my necklace collection. Mainly because, I’m sorry, but I didn’t feel like waiting around to stumble upon the perfect vintage frame or trellis ladder at an antique flea market. When I get an idea for a project in my head, I want to do it now. Right. Now. Right this second or never, here is my credit card, where do I sign.

Which also, for the purposes of this blog post, is good because this project is easily replicated. All materials were bought at Joann’s (I’ll list everything I used at the end) and I swear this is insanely easy. I pretty much set aside a rainy Saturday and was done super early. I didn’t know what to do with myself.

DIY Jewelry Display | StyleAlter.com

First, take your cork board/bulletin board (you can use any size, mine is 16 x 36) and wrap the fabric tightly over the front, using a hot glue gun to secure the fabric down at the edges.

The only remotely tricky part about this is the corners. I don’t know if this is the “proper” way to do corners, but it felt right and it worked.

DIY Jewelry Display | StyleAlter.com

Use a scrap of fabric or something laying around to help you press the fabric down as you glue so you don’t burn your little fingers. After your fabric is in place, glue some string so it hangs from the top of your board. Since it’s difficult to hot glue a thin piece of string, you can use a scrap of fabric to sandwich the string to the back of your board.

Add your pushpins and hang your jewelry. That is literally it. Voila:

DIY Jewelry Display | StyleAlter.com

I landed up doing two boards because I had the space.

DIY Jewelry Display | StyleAlter.com

A lot of this jewelry is made by me and some of it’s store-bought. I almost always remember every item I’ve purchased – where, when, why, cost. So if you want to know where anything is from, just ask in comments.

DIY Jewelry Display | StyleAlter.com

I really, really like the addition of the string for sunglasses (though you could also use this for earrings) because mine were a mess before – taking up space on my dresser, thrown into drawers. Just being everywhere while simultaneously being no where when I needed them.

DIY Jewelry Display | StyleAlter.com

The great thing about using push pins is being able to move them around wherever you want to accommodate any necklace. You can hardly see the clear pins. I was worried they wouldn’t be strong enough to hold my heavier pieces, but no problem at all so far.

DIY Jewelry Display | StyleAlter.com

The tray is from The Container Store and I use a bowl for my earrings (hang fish hooks off the sides and studs go in the middle). I use the necklace tree for all of my smaller chains that would get lost on the cork board.

DIY Jewelry Display | StyleAlter.com

Bracelet bar is from The Container Store.

DIY Jewelry Display | StyleAlter.com

The bunny ring dish is from Anthropologie, as is the round blue velvet box, which I use for things I don’t want to display. The other small dishes were bought in Japan.

DIY Jewelry Display | StyleAlter.com

Hedgehog ring by Noir (gift from my sister). He likes to party.

DIY Jewelry Display | StyleAlter.com

Here is a list of materials I used:

– 1 1/6 yards of metallic dot burlap fabric from Joann’s. (You need just over a yard. They’re out of the gold online, but here is silver).
– The Board Dudes Unframed (Canvas Style) 16 x 36 Cork Board. I couldn’t find this particular size online, but it and other sizes are available at Joann’s.
– 2 yards of string or jute cord
– Hot glue gun + glue sticks
– Clear push pins

– Never buy anything from Joann’s without a coupon.
– I suggest using a frameless cork board so the fabric stretches neatly across it.
– If you don’t have a hot glue gun, honestly…no one will know if you use duck tape. #craftingsecrets

On display each and every day,



Do the Collar Holler

So hey, let’s glance straight over the fact I haven’t blogged much recently (I have a million posts already written in my head, WITH photos, so just you wait) and let’s just get straight into it. This month, I went to an event hosted by Chicago magazine and opted for a pencil skirt and sleeveless blouse look. Dressy yet business-y yet fun

I have two things to point out about this outfit that make it notable and worthy of your eyes. One, the skirt I’m wearing is the J.Crew No. 2 pencil skirt, bought on sale. Great skirt, highly recommend. If you’re patient, you can usually find certain colors on sale. Boom. Sale.

But this post isn’t about a pencil skirt: It’s all about the collar holler. Button it UP. ALL the way up. The whole collar trend is possibly one of my favorites because A, I just coined the term “collar holler” and you heard it here first; and B, it’s not a new trend at all, just a way to style the clothes you already have in a way that feels current. That’s what this blog is all about: altering the things you already have to make them more stylish and fun to wear.

Crap. I just googled collar holler and it’s already in the name of some kind of Canadian folk song. Man, nothing is original. You still heard it here first, because let’s not pretend any of you were jammin to the “White Collar Holler” before.

Some collar holler runway inspiration:

Givenchy, Derek Lam, Marc Jacobs
(Fall 2012 runways, taken from harpersbazaar.com)

To make it trendy (and sellable), stores are now carrying all kinds of fun detachable collars, which are awesome (and scream DIY if I ever saw it) but so not necessary to buy (unless you want to, and then let me borrow it). Really, you don’t need to buy anything to participate. That’s the beauty of the collar holler–it’s totally inclusive. Just button up a shirt you already own and it looks instantly mod.

Literally, step one: Button your shirt.

Step two: Add a necklace underneath. Again, there are all sorts of collar necklaces you can buy, but any short, chunky necklace will do. I’m SURE you already own at least one.

This is predicted to blow up even more in the fall, so get ready to button it UP and collar HOLLER Honey Boo Boo!

DIY Anthropologie Colorblocked Shades

Though I do enjoy the finer things in life, when it comes to sunglasses I think I enjoy the cheapo plastic pairs equally to the designer variety. Everyone could use a few dumb pairs of retro sunnies in an overly distracting color, right?

Right. Like these Colorblocked Shades from Anthropologie:

I love these. The pop of orange, the on-trend color blocking and the wayfarer shape are all winners. At $38, they’re pretty reasonable – but not as reasonable as DIY-ing them with the super-cheap pair I already had at home. As soon as I saw these Anthropolgie shades I thought of the pair I bought a few summers ago:

They’re…fine. I bought them because they were something like $5 and I liked the shape, which is very close to the Anthropologie shades to begin with.

Time for an upgrade! To start, I covered the frames with a paper towel (to protect the lenses) and wrapped it all up in foil, leaving just the earpieces exposed. A normal person might have used painters tape, but I was running low. This baked potato contraption actually worked out perfectly.

Plastic is a tricky thing to paint and I didn’t want my shades to start chipping and peeling, so I began by spraying them with a white primer. Next, I used gold spray paint on just the ends. The Anthropologie version is more of a nude color, but I was feeling metallic. Once that dried I brushed a thin coat of bright peachy-orange acrylic paint over the rest. Tip: THIN coats are key. I finished it off with a coat of clear varnish to (hopefully) prevent chipping.

The results:

Ready for summer!

DIY Neon Jewelry

Neon makes me happy. It’s just so fun and cheerful and brings back good nostalgia. I love how this trend (which was big on the Spring 2012 runways) is finding its way into fashion, home decor, beauty, everywhere. Just a small pop looks great, especially when combined with neutrals.

1. Sorakeem 2. A Pair & A Spare 3. Apartment Therapy

So in an attempt to lift the winter blues by burning my retinas with color, I attempted a little DIY project inspired by A Pair & A Spare. I’ve had these white earrings for more than a few years and I’ve only found the right occasion to wear them a handful of times. They’re just so white.

I also had this necklace that was screaming for color:

To start, I bought some spray paint while I was out in the burbs. Tip: Don’t buy spray paint at craft stores. They sell the same stuff for half the price at Menards and Home Depot, plus they have a way bigger selection.

Another tip: You really need to spray outdoors unless you want to feel like you’re dying a slow death.This is definitely a better summer project unless like me, you like sticking one arm outside to spray and then closing the door really fast.

For the earrings, I decided to spray the top half gold and the bottom half hot pink. I used painters tape to cover the bottom portion of the earrings as well as the hook part that goes in the ear. The gold paint went on perfectly in one coat. After it dried, I sprayed the bottom half in hot pink, which took a couple of layers.

For the necklace, I wanted to just do the bottom portion in neon yellow. Since these links were black, I had to start with primer, followed by multiple layers of yellow. Many, many layers of yellow. This project really tested my patience and I landed up working on it on and off all week.

The painters tape wasn’t very useful and I had to carefully go back and touch up the ends. I used this stuff called “Goof Off” which is like Goo Gone but way stronger because it also removes paint. Have it handy if you attempt a project like this. Or better yet, just spray the entire necklace and you won’t have to worry about it.

The final result:


I loved this project because I took something I probably wasn’t going to wear again and turned it into something I’m excited to put on.

Who wants to go cosmic bowling?